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What is Native Taste?  Native Taste is your source of restaurant reviews by people who are native to the food genre.  Our goal is to provide you with the most authentic restaurants in the US that give you the closest taste to the actual authenticity.  With over 25 editors who were born overseas and now live in America, we hope to help you choose your next true authentic dish!

 Native Taste’s standards are very simple:

  1. Taste ought to be authentic
  2. Restaurant’s “native” atmosphere
  3. Must be economical! $30 or less for main dish!
  4. Reviewer must be native to the genre of food
  5. No Franchise Reviews!

Most people think of sushi when they think of Japanese food, but there’s plenty of grilling, simmering, steaming and frying going on in Japanese kitchens as well. Think teriyaki, sukiyaki, soy-marinated fish filets, yakitori, ramen, udon, and other distinctive dishes that tend to be low in fat and high in salt. Whether you desire to dine at a counter, a western-style table, or on tatami mats on the floor with your shoes in the corner.

My name is Hideshi Sasaki, co-founder of Native Taste, and I am native Japanese and grew up in Japan.  I enjoy going out and trying new restaurants, especially my “soul” food, Japanese. But, 9 out of 10 restaurants are simply way below satisfactory — This is even the case of Japanese owned restaurants or Japanese chefs too, I think its because when they come to US, they may not have to go through Japanese Restaurant Associations standards or perhaps just getting too relaxed.

Marek Lapinski, co-founder, is a American born, Pittsburgh, PA native.  He has spent sufficient time in the Middle East, and Europe.  Marek is a food-connoisseur who will bring reviews on true “east cost” diners, and traditional American restaurants, and American Steakhouses.

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